Upcoming Events at The Concourse

NEW DATE!! Reverend Horton Heat

Wed Oct 27 at 7:00 PM

Cherub Afterparty ft. Jason Huber of Cherub

Thu Oct 28 at 10:00 PM

Headroom Presents: The Raveyard

Fri Oct 29 at 9:00 PM

Temple Necropolis: A Grave Affair

Sat Oct 30 at 8:00 PM


Fri Nov 19 at 9:00 PM

Temple Presents: Aurelio Voltaire

Sat Dec 11 at 8:00 PM

Venue Info

Our building has been many things over the years. It was built in 1908 as the regional headquarters/showroom for International Harvester tractors and later became the home of The Great Atlantic Show Company from 1938-1967. We are still piecing together a few decades of history, but we are proud to present the building in its newest form: The Concourse, hosting the best live entertainment in Knoxville.

Our goal is to bring a diverse set of live performances to this city including EDM/dance nights, Rock, Metal, Variety shows, the occasional tribute band and much more. The newly renovated building has a capacity of approximately 500 and features brand new lounge areas and can be set up to provide seating for up to 70.

ADA Compliant
Full Bar

No Backpacks
No Smoking (Smoking Patio Available)

Front of House

Behringer X32

DBX Driverrack PA+
Klark Teknik DN370 Dual Graphic EQ
Rane GE60

Power Amps
(1) Crown Macro-Tech 600
(2) Crown Macro-Tech 1200
(2) Crown Macro-Tech 2400
(2) Yorkville AP6040

(8) EAW SM500

Misc/Direct Boxes
(1) Shure 91beta
(1) Shure 52bets
(5) Shure SM57
(8) Shure SM58
(7) Shure 81
(7) Sennihiser e604
(2) Sennihiser e609
(2) Radial JDV active DI
(8) Whirlwind IMP 2 Passive DI

(2) Yorkville Elite S2152
(2) Yorkville Elite LS1004
(8) Cerwin-Vega Earthquake EL36

Monitors from FOH

TMD 4 Channel Crossover

Power Amps
(2) Crown Macro-Tech 1200
(2) Crown Macro-Tech 2400


Avolite Tiger Touch Pro – Titan V-11

House Install Fixture List

6x – Elation – Platinum 5R Beam 6x – Martin – MAC 101 2x – Chauvet – Q Spot 360 LED
Downstage/Front Wash:
4x – Chauvet – QSpot 360 LED 2X – PixelRange – PIX120m Haze/Fog

1x – ADG – Entourage – Wase Base Haze 1x – Robe – 500ft Pro Haze – Oil Base Haze 2x – Chauvet – Hurrican 1800 Flex – Water Base Fog 6x – Chauvet – P4 Geyser LED – Water Base Vertical Fog Jet

(The house fixture installation is patched on one 5-pin DMX line. There are two more separate 5-pin DMX lines that are ran from Stage to FOH for guest lines/ground package. Patch sheet will be attached, most ground package fixtures are not patched and can be taken care of DOS.)

Optional Ground Package Fixture List
6x – Robe – Robin 100 6x – Elation – Platinum 5R Beam 2x – Elation – Platinum 5R Spot 2x – Elation – Design Spot 250 Pro 4x – Chauvet – SlimPar 64

6x – PixelRange – PIX120m

Additional Trussing
2x – 6ft Vertical Truss w/ top/base plate 2x – 4ft Vertical Truss w/ top/base plates

Stage Power
(All listed circuits are dedicated circuits) Lighting: 4x – 30 amp dual-quad boxes

1x – 20 amp quad box

2x – 15 amp quad boxes
1x – 20 amp quad boxed

FOH Power
(Each circuit is ran through it’s own devoted power conditioner/splitter)
Lighting: 1x – 30 amp circuit
Audio: 1x – 20 amp circuit

Frequently Asked Questions

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